3 Cool Firework Types You Might Not Have Heard Of

Are you looking for something fun, interesting, and new in fireworks this year? Chances are good you are not ready to commit to that big budget and having a professional team come to your location to host a fireworks event. The good news is there are many new and old fireworks that can offer you the style and interest you want. When you want everyone at your event to be smiling from ear to ear over what you’ve picked up, it helps to check out all of your firework options well in advance. It also pays to realize that sometimes the coolest fireworks are the ones that sell out the first. Check out these types of fireworks.
Firework Fountains
One of the most impressive displays to have in your backyard are fountains. These generally are sold in a cone shape. The device sits on the ground. Once lit, it will shoot off the ground quickly and create a shower of color. Fountains that are more modern add sound, plenty of color, and various themes. They can be a good first step into having high quality, but mild fireworks in your backyard. Fountains can also be a safe bet since they are reliable and easier to use than other products.
Aerial Repeaters
When you want a much bigger display, go for aerial repeaters. These are firework displays – yes, the whole thing – that you can put on in your backyard. These are not the best solution for those who have little experience, little space, or a big fear of making a mistake. Repeaters have numerous tubes bundled together inside them. They form what is known as a “cake” when bundled like this. Each of the tubes has a small aerial shell within them. When they are lit, they will explode in the sky with a huge amount of color, size, and plenty of noise. There is just one fuse for you to light, which makes them easy to use for someone with moderate skill.
Rockets and Missiles
You’ll also find that rockets and missiles are excellent choices when you want to make a big impression. Keep in mind, though, that many of these fireworks are not allowed in backyard displays and the reason for it is that they are more dangerous and require more skill and planning. Nevertheless, they can be an excellent investment where allowed. They will shoot off into the sky and explore when they hit their peak. You’ll find a wide range of options to choose form in color, size, and sound with these fireworks.
When it comes down to it, any fireworks you select, whether they are impressive sparklers or simple poppers can be impressive if you use them properly. Take the time to check out some of the styles you may not have used previously or consider a product that you haven’t used in a while. Look for color, size, and the amount of skill they take to operate before you buy them.

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