5 Safety Tips to Follow While Using Sparklers

Sparklers are not supposed to be dangerous. They are meant to be used by adults and children alike in order to have a good time. However, sparklers can be made dangerous if they are used in the wrong way. Follow these five simple tips so that you and your family members can be safe while using sparklers.

  1. Hold the Sparkler Away From Your Body

The number one cause of injuries by fireworks is that the people using them or lighting them were far too close to the flame. Hold the sparkler out and away from your body as far as it will go. If you want to twirl the sparkler around, make sure that you are not near anyone so that the sparkler doesn’t accidentally hit them.

  1. Flame Proof the Area

Do not have anything flammable within the area that you are using the firework. This includes loose clothing, wood, grass or anything else that might catch fire. The best place to use sparklers is on a firework or concrete. If you are in a backyard, then try to stay near rocks so that you don’t accidentally start a fire.

  1. Hold the Sparkler by the Metal End

Do not, under any circumstances, light the firework by the metal tip. This could cause a fire and you could sustain a serious injury. Only light the soft side of the firework because that is where the firework is supposed to be lit from. Hold the sparkler by the metal end and hold the other side as far away from you as possible.

  1. Make Sure Nobody Else is Near the Flame

Check your surroundings and look behind you to make sure that no one can possibly be hit by your flame. Sparklers may have small flames, but they can do some serious damage because they crackle and spray fire out of the tip. If someone is around you, ask them politely to back up. If they don’t, move away from them.

  1. Have Fun

This isn’t a safety tip so much as an order. Have as much fun as you can while playing with your sparklers because who knows when you will be able to use them again? Sparklers are tons of fun to use with your friends, so invite a couple of them over and start twirling those suckers around.

Fireworks are no laughing matter. They can be fun, but only if they are used in the right way. If you have a firework, even if it is not a sparkler, make sure to stay as far away from the flame as possible. Firework flames can seriously burn and injure the people who come in contact with them. Take extra precautions and make sure no one is around the open flame when the firework begins to go off. Also, you have to light the firework from the correct end. Lighting a firework from the wrong end could cause an explosion or some other type of serious damage. Use your fireworks safely in order to have as much fun as you can.

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