Choosing Between Colored and Gold Sparklers for Your Wedding

Weddings are always a great time, and when the bride and groom are ready to start their honeymoon, what better way is there to have everyone at the wedding wave goodbye with sparklers. Sparklers are extremely festive and are safe for everyone to handle. So you need sparklers for your wedding, but should you choose between gold or colored sparklers. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, but when you are shopping at any Indiana and Chicago Firework Superstore, you should be sure you are getting the right kind. So here are some tips to help you choose between gold and colored sparklers.

Gold Sparklers Might Be Better For a Large Group of People

If you want to please the most people, you should pick gold sparklers. This way, there will be no disagreements on what color to get, if you should get multiple colors, among other issues. When you have gold, everyone should be happy because sparklers are fun, and no one will think about getting a certain type of sparkler that someone else has. Also, gold sparklers are generally cheaper since they are more common. So if both the bride and the groom have large families and you want everyone to be a part of the sparkling fun, then you should go with gold.

You Should Choose Colored Sparklers If Color is a Theme

Let’s say that red is a color that is used often throughout the wedding: the bridesmaid’s dresses are red, you toast with red wine, the table cloths are red; you name it. If the married couple is going for something like this, then you should do what you can to find the appropriate colored sparkler. This would be a great finish to what would already be a great wedding.

Multiple Colored Sparklers Would Look Really Cool

Sparklers always look pretty great, but just thing of how cool it could be to form a rainbow with sparklers. Or if you are getting married around the holidays, then you should consider getting a large barrage of red and green sparklers. If everything goes right, this will look much cooler than if you were to get everyone gold sparklers. The possibilities are endless, and it will give the bride and groom some room to be really creative.

So these are some things to think about when you are choosing between gold and colored sparklers. You want every part of your wedding to be special, so if you choose to get sparklers at all, then think about what you want, and then make a decision. To help you out, you should visit Uncle Sam Fireworks to help you out with this decision. They could give you great prices and great advice on what type of sparklers to get. There are lots of different options when it comes to picking up sparklers, so just peruse around any Indiana or Chicago Fireworks Superstore for some ideas.

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