Consider The Safety Of Fireworks Before You Buy Them!

What are the fun ways to celebrate special occasions with friends and family? The first on your list will be fireworks and then the rest! You must be very careful with the fireworks and play them safely and legally. There are some adult fireworks that should be sold only to someone who is over the age of 18. The best fireworks store will follow the rules and regulations without fail.

There are some fireworks that should not be set off in public places and if you are found violating the rules, you will be heavily fined. Do you know the time you are allowed to set off fireworks? You can enjoy fireworks only from 7AM to 11 PM on normal days. You do have exceptions on Bonfire Night, New Year and other celebrations on prior notice. Following the safety regulations is very important as it helps you to safeguard your city too.

The entire fireworks store has different categories of fireworks. Categories 1, 2 and 3 are available to general public. Category 1 stands for indoor fireworks that are small in size and are allowed to be used in a small area. Category 2 is for the garden where you can set off at a safe distance on a clear ground. Display fireworks belong to category 3 which must be safely viewed from 25 metres and it should not be set off near debris. It is considered illegal if you set off any firework without following the safety regulations.

There is a 4th category of fireworks that carries a ‘professional’ tag and hardly has any restrictions. These fireworks are sold only to someone who possesses a licence. Only a licensed fireworks store can have a shop throughout the year whereas the other shops can operate only during special occasions. If you are looking to buy fireworks throughout the year, you can reach the licensed store.

If you are planning a surprise celebration, you can buy some fireworks from the reputed and licenses store and enjoy them. It is important to follow safety regulations which will help you and also others to be on the safer side. Follow the timing and do not pay heavy fines which will spoil the fun! Plan your parties in advances and buy fireworks from licensed fireworks store for a reasonable price and enjoy limitless watching the colors and the sound!

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