Don’t Wait for the 4th, Spice Up Your Birthday with Fireworks

If you are planning on having a big birthday celebration, then fireworks are a great to kick the party off with a bang. If you’re having a nighttime party, then the fireworks will be most effective. Fireworks aren’t just for the fourth of July, after all. They can be used for many different occasions and birthdays are no exception.

  1. Spring Birthdays

Having a spring birthday is great because you can open up your pool but you don’t have to commit to going into it every week quite yet. Have a nice outdoor party where swimming is optional and games are being played everywhere. Make it a nice, relaxing day for all invited and have an evening chat on the patio with your friends.

When it starts to get really dark outside, light up some fireworks. Make sure that it’s safe and legal to light the fireworks, though. The last thing you want to have on your birthday is the cops showing up on your doorstep with a warrant for your arrest.

  1. Summer Birthdays

When you think of summer, you normally think of pool parties and barbecues. So, get your pool open and get the grill ready so that you can have a nice pool party and BBQ for your birthday. When nighttime falls, fireworks will seem like child’s play compared to the ones set off in July.

If your birthday is before the fourth, then you can use some of those fireworks. If it’s after the fourth, then you can use the leftover fireworks. It’s a win-win all around.

  1. Fall Birthdays

Although it is less common to have fireworks going off in the fall due to the weather and the amount of leaves and flammable nature all around, fireworks can still be very enjoyable on mild autumn nights. Make sure to put the fireworks in an open area and clear out any leaves that are near the spot where you’re setting the fireworks off. Make sure there is a board or some type of flat object underneath the firework so that it doesn’t tip over and set everything around it on fire. After all, dry leaves and grass are the quickest to burn even in cold weather.

  1. Winter Birthdays

You can’t really blow off fireworks in the winter due to the cold weather, but if your birthday is toward the tail end of winter in March and the weather is mild enough, then you can certainly blow off fireworks. Just make sure the wind isn’t too bad so that it doesn’t diminish the flame every time you light up a firework.

It is easy to see how much fun fireworks can be during different birthday seasons. You can break out fireworks during any season and have just as much fun as you would on the Fourth of July. Consider buying someone fireworks as a gift so that they don’t have to go out and buy their own. Fireworks can be really expensive, so plan accordingly.

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