Planning On Celebrating? Grab These Must Have Fireworks!

Anyone can light a few Roman candles and sparklers and say they had a July 4th celebration. However, if you are looking to have a genuine bash, you need to have an impressive array of fireworks. If you have hit any of the stands or stores this year, you may be lost among all the bright colors and explosive names. You want to have the best but really don’t want to set the neighborhood on fire! This is the beginning of summer, and you shouldn’t be sweating over the small things. So let us take you by the hand and show you some of the must have fireworks for an incredible Independence Day!

Fountains of Color

These are a perfect addition to any night time barbecue. They are rather inexpensive and can fill the yard with a rainbow of color. Many of them offer a high fountain of colorful sparks mixed with crackling and popping sounds. These are great to line up in a row and light them all at once. They are always a crowd pleaser especially with the ladies and small children. However, you will lose some of the teen audience and men with these, so use them sparingly!

Bottle Rockets for The Sound of an Air Strike

You cannot have a July 4th party without the help of some bottle rockets. In fact, these little rockets have become a staple of many celebrations. It is impossible to get past the weekend without hearing that traditional whistle as it flies into the air before exploding at its final destination. While you are not going to get any eye candy from these, the kids love to hear them go up into the air.

Roman Candles Are Not Meant as Battle Devices

If you are planning a big celebration, you have to make sure you have a healthy supply of Roman candles on hand. These fun rockets produce various balls of color and are a favorite of kids and teens. In fact, you want to watch your teen children as they find they are great to battle one another with! Many kids end up in the hospital with burns from these candles. However, if you keep them away from the kids, they will make a great addition to the festivities.

Aerial Repeaters for an Easy Grand Finale

You can fill the night up with a lot of inexpensive fireworks. However, just before everyone is getting ready to call it a night, you will want to create a grand finale. So crank up some patriotic music and grab a few aerial repeaters. These devices are awesome to fill the backyard with a multitude of colors. What is even better is you just have to light one fuse, and everything else is taken care of. So for the first time during the night, you can sit back and enjoy the show as well!

These are just a few of the must haves you need for this July 4th. Make sure you know your local laws and regulations before buying any fireworks or the law may just snuff out your festivities! Contact US Fireworks today.

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