Safe Ways To Use Fireworks

Fireworks are fun. They give immense joy when the sparkle in the sky. While using firework for any occasion, it is important to use them with responsibility. Here are some tips to use fireworks safely.

Use fireworks in open spaces

Always use fireworks in open spaces that are flat and sturdy. It has been shown in studies that most of the fires were caused by fireworks. So, always find the hard location that has a flat surface. Avoid using fireworks near dry grass, buildings or trees as they can easily catch fire.

Make a Distance

There is the difference between professional and public fireworks.  Public fireworks are small in size but they are dangerous too. Always maintain a distance or 25-40 yards while using the firework so that you can avoid any injury or burn.

Estimate the weather

Always check the weather before using fireworks. If it is windy outside then postpone your program. As the wind can thrust sparks into neighbouring houses, trees, buildings, or grass and cause fires. Use your best judgment to check the weather outside.

Keep water nearby

Sometimes, you may not be lucky enough and something may go wrong while using fireworks. To deal with such odd situations, Always keep a bucket full of water nearby you so that in the case of fire or sparks you can put the water to extinguish it.

Get Far Away

There were many tragedies happen in past due while using fireworks. People often get close to dangerous fireworks while lighting them. Fireworks can cause many injuries that can make your deaf, blind or loss of limb.  Many people have burnt their hands, faces, legs etc while using them. So, when you light up the fireworks always go far as much as you can.

Light one firework at a time

Fireworks burn for 3 seconds. If you are lighting many fireworks together then you have less chance to escape from the danger. Therefore, it is always recommended to use one firework at one time.

Supervise Children

Children often get excited to use fireworks.  In 2014,  34% of kids suffer firework injuries on their body. Injuries can be big or small. Parents should supervise their kids while they light up fireworks in order to make sure that they are using a safe way to burn the fireworks and are safe.

Don’t throw used fireworks directly

When fireworks burn completely, you should not throw them directly into the bin. Put them into the water so that their leftover charred do not get ignite in the garbage. Ask the shopkeeper of the fireworks store about the correct usage

Don’t use fireworks under the influence

Lighting the fireworks when you have no wits can be dangerous. Under the influence of anything, you lose your senses and ability to judge the situations. Your time to react to the situation goes slow down and your coordination diminishes. In such situation, you should not push yourself to ignite the fireworks.

Follow these tips to enjoy your fireworks show and prevent any harmful injuries. Buy only from reputed and licensed fireworks store.

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