Safety Tips for Shooting off Fireworks around Children

Children love fireworks; they are something that can inspire awe in them and provide a big wow factor. But kids, especially young ones, tend to not recognize the danger that fireworks can hold. So when you plan to have a personal firework show for your family and the children in it, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are some tips so that the firework display is fun but, most importantly, safe for everyone.

  1. Have the Viewing Area a Safe Distance Away

One of the biggest things that you need to do is make sure that the viewing area for the show is not too close to where the actual fireworks are. You should also be sure to give everyone a few minutes warning, and ensure everyone is in the designated area before starting. This will help make sure that they know where to be so that they are safe and out of harms way while the fireworks are going off.

  1. Give the Kids a Safety Lesson Beforehand

Before the show, make sure the children present understand the importance of the safe viewing distance and not coming too close to the fireworks. The better they understand that it is for the protection, then the more compliant they will be wen it comes time. Tell them the dangers, and what you expect of them when the show begins. If anything, make it a game for them; it will help them be even more inclined to behave, and will keep them safe and sound.

  1. Keep the Fireworks and Related Material Out of Reach

While it helps to set up the display beforehand, you also do not want to risk having these things in reach of curious children. So, be sure that you are careful in this respect. If anything, have that area roped off so that it is clearly understood that only certain adults are allowed near these things. But, you should also be careful of setting these up too early, which may provide more temptation to try and get near them.

  1. Have Parents Help You Out

The easiest way to keep kids safe during a firework display is to have all the parents help. They can make sure that kids do not approach the fireworks during the setup, or touch any that are currently to the side. They can also help you to make sure that none of them try to get too close when the fireworks are actually going off.

These are only a few of the ways that you can have a firework display while also making sure that kids are safe. The safety of children and everyone else is always a number one priority, so always be sure to stress that to attendees. You should also consider talking to your firework vendor. They will be able to provide other tips on how to best keep young children out of harm’s way when it comes to a display.

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