Top 5 Celebrations That Call For Fireworks

Since the 7th century when modern fireworks were invented, people have gradually fallen in love with these celebratory attractions. Different people and different cultures all around the world use fireworks for some of the most significant events in their life. Some use fireworks to celebrate a traditional event or a holiday. In fact, there are a number of celebrations around the world that rely on spectacular fireworks as their centerpiece. Fireworks have now turned into a crowd-pleasing way of marking special occasions in the modern-day world such as weddings, religious festivals and military victories. Here are some top five celebrations that call for fireworks.

Declaring Independence

Popularly known as the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States of America, this celebration sees thousands of Americans celebrating attaining their independence from the British Empire back in 1776 with spectacular fireworks displays. Fireworks usually light up the skies in Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Chicago and at the Niagara Falls. Once the display is over, many conclude the day with barbecues with friends and family members.

Celebrating Christmas

For many people, the 25th of December should not pass without a spectacular scene of fireworks in the skies. In some parts of the world, Christmas celebrations involve playing with small firecrackers along the streets. In addition, fountains of light that look like an enormous collection of little stars are created in local households. Some also go to the extent of lighting Roman candles over pineapple juice and turkey sandwiches. A Christmas celebration that goes without the breathtaking scene of fireworks displays is considered boring and rarely does it occur. In fact, it has become a tradition that fireworks displays must be present on Christmas day.

Welcoming New Year

Welcoming the New Year is also another celebration that does not pass by without a spectacular scene of fireworks. For example, Hong Kong, China towns and other cities across the world celebrate New Year with tremendous yellow and red fireworks displays and beautiful dragons winding their way through the streets. On this celebration, thousands of fireworks are let go into the sky as the countdown to a new year begins.

Religious Ceremonies

There are many religious ceremonies associated with fireworks displays. For instance, the Muslim celebration of the Eid Al Adha, marking the end of the Holy month of Ramadan never goes without thousands of fireworks explosions. This celebration is best witnessed in Dubai where nine fireworks displays are orchestrated at the same time, a feat never imagined before.

National Building Celebrations

Many countries celebrate major nation building days with a spectacular display of fireworks. This mostly occurs to mark the successful completion of a mega project. Singapore, for example started its fireworks display in the year 2004 as a way of commemorating its history and national values. Thousands of visitors visit the Marina Bay every year to witness the celebrations from the ground or from the local hotel rooms.

If you will be taking part in any of these celebrations, be sure to witness a breathtaking display of fireworks.  Contact US Fireworks for more information today.

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