Top Three Foods for a July Fourth Party

When it comes to hosting a July 4 party, a few main things make the party a success. These things are the fireworks, the food, and the grill master. The first requirement is easy, as you can get your fireworks early from the Indiana and Chicago Firework Superstore. The last thing is easy as well, as long as you know someone who is a whiz when it comes to wielding a spatula at the grill.
The second requirement if you want a successful July 4 celebration is one of the most important, the food. The type of food you choose to serve your guests can make or break your party. Drinks of course go without saying, but you need the type of food that isn’t messy, but that people can still carry around with them as they socialize with friends and watch the fireworks show from Indiana and Chicago Firework Superstore that you are going to put on as soon as the sky turns dark. Below, find the top three foods you need to make your July 4 party a thundering success.
In America where baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet are some of the most valued things, you can’t get by with having a July 4 BBQ without putting some hotdogs on the grill. There is nothing like a hotdog dripping with mustard on a hot, sultry, summer day with kids tossing a baseball around in the back yard. Hotdogs are relatively simple to grill, so even if you don’t have a consummate grill master, nothing will be ruined, by having him toss a few hotdogs on the grill. Make sure that you have plenty of chips, dip, and buns to go with your hotdogs and your BBQ is off to the right start.
Hamburgers take a little more preparation and a little more skill to cook on the grill. However, just like hotdogs, hamburgers are an institution during a July 4 BBQ. Again, don’t forget to have plenty of chips, dip, and buns so that everyone can enjoy this type of finger food. Making sure that you have mayonnaise, cheese, ketchup, mustard, and pickles is a good idea as well, so everyone can have their burger the way that they want it.
Steaks have long with a favorite to throw on the grill at a July 4 BBQ. This is the point where having an expert at the grill comes in handy. Make sure that you ask your guests how they want their steak grilled, because everyone is different. Provide plenty of potato salad and steak sauce and steaks are a great way to make your guests happy in the food department.
These are just three of the top foods that are served at July 4 BBQ’s. Once you pick up your fireworks from the Indiana and Chicago Firework Superstore, grill your food to perfection, feed everyone, and then settle in to watch the fireworks show.

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