What are the Laws Regarding the Use of Fireworks in Illinois?

While fireworks are a huge specialty, especially on those big holidays, many often do not consider the rules and regulations that stand behind the use of such a spectacular, yet dangerous device. Whether you’ve chosen to put on your own fireworks show in your very own backyard or decided to watch it done big at one of the more popular events, it is imperative to your safety and the safety of your surroundings to follow the appropriate and lawful protocols set up by the state. Laws vary depending on your location so research is required to find out the specifics of your state laws before you light up those fireworks from Uncle Sam’s. If you are an Illinois resident, here are the laws regarding the use of fireworks in your state.

Get your Consumer Fireworks License

If you are an adult (above the state’s legal age of purchase) residing in a county or municipal that allows consumer firework displays and you wish to purchase some for yourself, then you are allowed to apply for a consumer fireworks license. In order to be seen as qualified for this license, you must attend a local training with the fire department; because many of the firework regulations fall under their jurisdiction you need to learn the rights and wrongs of commercial firecracker use. You must also have your space inspected by firefighters, and finally you need to apply for the permit within at least 15 days of you awaited fireworks show. Consumer fireworks include hand-held fireworks, sky rockets, buzz bombs, chasers, missiles and many more.

Public Property Laws

The laws put in place by the state do not only protect the safety of each individual resident but also protect the notion of public and private property; the sale and use of fireworks are prohibited on public Illinois property. This also includes a municipality, who may, by decree, also prohibit the use and sale of sparklers; if you are an individual who would like to buy fireworks then you must purchase them from a licensed store, private property. To protect the public, you are restricted to using fireworks on private property such as your home; just make sure that you are a license holder for any necessary consumer fireworks.


Section 25 of the Fireworks Regulation Act of Illinois states that any individual who fails to comply with the law or chooses to violate any of the provisions of this Act will be guilty of a petty offence. It also mentions that any person who has received written notice from the office with specific instructions for compliance and has failed to comply with the laws specified in said notice will be seen as guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. To prevent any misunderstanding with the law or a mark of delinquency on your record, it is best to follow the specific guidelines laid out for you by your state and law officials in regards to the use of fireworks.

Make the use of fireworks fun, safe, and easy but learning the rules and regulations regarding the use of them in your state. If you reside in the Illinois area then you can be sure that the laws for purchasing and usage are clean and clear cut. Once you know all the restrictions, go over to Uncle Sam’s Fireworks and pick out the right fireworks for your celebration.

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