Do I Need Special Tools for Lighting Fireworks

There’s a lot to know about fireworks before you get to enjoy their entertainment. If you’re looking for fireworks in Chicago, Illinois, the best place to look is Uncle Sam’s Fireworks. Not only do they carry the best quality fireworks but their selection is growingly diverse and seemingly endless. When it comes time to light fireworks, some may have questions about what to do. To begin, you’ll need to light the fireworks. The following is a list of tools you may need to make you experience easier.

The Use of Pot Fires
The use of pot fires to light fireworks is something that is commonly done. Being that fireworks are purposely flammable, it’s important to be careful about what you use and how you use whatever tools you choose. Pot fires are tubes of fire that continue to burn for up to four minutes. The flame that comes from pot fires is incredibly intense and is partially the reason that these are recommended as a tool for fireworks. Although this tool makes lighting fireworks easy, it should only be used by people who are appropriately comfortable near intense flames.

Wind Proof or Turbo Lighters
Wind proof, which are often referred to as turbo lighters are gas powered and produce a strong blue colored flame. These lighters are recommended for lighting fireworks because of their tamed but fierce flame and their wind proof abilities. Fireworks can be used during a season so having a flame that is wind resistant is more than necessary to assure safety and efficiency when sparking these explosives. As mentioned before with the pot fires, it is very important that whoever is designated to use these flames is someone who can properly handle them to avoid any type of potentially safety risks.

Chef’s Blow Torch
As stated in the name, these mini blow torches are mostly used in professional kitchens under the supervision of professional chef’s. Although these torches serve multiple purposes, they are perfect for lighting fireworks because of the controlled flame and easy to operate functions. Not only does this make it easier for the person lighting the flame but it saves time and limits potential risks and dangerous things that could occur with the use of other objects. The on and off switches on these blow torches make handling this flame easier because those controls provide instant results. For example, as soon as you flip the off switch, the flame stops.

These methods are not the only ways to go about lighting fireworks however, they are some of the easiest and fastest ways to get things done. They also share a very low risk for safety hazards. Regardless of the risk factor, when dealing with flames and fireworks, it is very important to make sure that whoever is handling these items exhaust all safety precautions to avoid injury or danger. Wind proof, chef and pot fire torches are all great tools to use when lighting your fireworks.

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