How to Clean Up Fireworks after Using Them

You all love the excitement that accompanies fireworks. It symbolizes freedom and the celebration of some kind of event or holiday. But how often do you consider what it takes to clean up after fireworks once the event is over and the holidays have passed? Most people don’t consider the work it takes to tidy up after an event because their too focused on the event itself. For your convenience, here’s a few ways that you can clean up whatever mess your fireworks cause on your concrete or driveway:

Prevent the Problem
The best way to avoid a problem is to prevent it. Most fireworks leave such a mess because they have chemicals and materials in them that may be too harsh for the surface of concrete or your driveway. They best and easiest way to get rid of any damage that fireworks may cause is to avoid it from happening in the first place. Next time you know you’re going to set a few off, make sure that you either put some sort of tarp or nonperishable surface down over your cement or concrete to dodge any type of long lasting stains that can result from the tamed explosions that fireworks cause.

The Power of Power Washing
The convenience of power washing is truly underrated. It can so quickly get rid of any tough stains on outdoor surfaces like buildings and walls as well as concrete and driveways. Because of the pressure that power washing puts on these surfaces, the stains that once inconvenienced your driveways would no longer be a concern. You don’t even have to hire some expensive company. You can power wash it yourself as long as you have the right materials to do so that can usually be found at local stores. Using this method to clean up after fireworks is also beneficial you in the end because you’ll end up with a driveway that was cleaner than it was before the fireworks!

The Chlorine and Bleach Solution
Finally, you could try this chlorine and bleach solution method. Unlike soft solutions like water and detergents, the strong chemicals in bleach and chlorine help to cleanse outdoor surfaces like driveways and concrete. Because of the strength of these substances, they can clean those surfaces to the core. Imagine the strong cleansing that bleach does in your shower and bathroom. That same type of clean can be achieved if used on surfaces where fireworks caused staining.

Each of the three solutions listed above are affordable and efficient ways to clean your driveway or concrete surfaces after the use of fireworks. No matter what brand of fireworks you use, they all have the same impact on the surfaces they come into contact with. Although they are fun and beautiful, they can cause damage to surfaces around your home if the areas you’ve used them in are not cleaned properly afterwards. Celebrating a fun time shouldn’t come with draw backs. Don’t let the hassle of cleaning up keep you from enjoying your occasion.

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