Ideas For an End of the Summer Bash

Ideas for an end of the summer bash

The summer is already drawing to a close. It has been a great summer and as the days slowly get shorter, how about one final hurrah for summer before the cold weather sets in? You still have one shot to embrace the lazy days of the summer. Kids will be getting back to school soon, so you need to have one last bash. Being the last taste of summer fun, you cannot afford to screw things up. You need a party that your guests will not forget shortly. In this article, we look at some straightforward ideas for a perfect end of summer bash.

Foam Party

With the summer coming to an end, everyone wants to end to end it in style, with something ridiculously crazy. With the weather still warm, a little fun in the foam is a splendid idea. Just look for a perfect outdoor venue, rent a quality foam machine, choose a non-irritable soap and throw your foam party. Look for a pH-balanced foam that is non-toxic and has no scents or added colors. A foam party for your end of summer bash is breathtaking and a perfect opportunity to indulge in ridiculous fun.

Backyard Barbeque

Fire up your backyard grill before you cover it up for the fall with an end of summer backyard barbecue grill. Very few people have had the opportunity to appreciate the comprehensive benefits of grilling so host a barbecue and have your friends and family over. There are different kinds of barbecue that you could have ranging from something cheap to an all-out extravaganza. Charm your guest this end of summer bash with some mouthwatering split roast meat. Decorate it with hurricane lamps, paper lanterns and tiki torches. Be sure to include lots of fruits because they will soon be out in the fall.

Splash Pool Party

Pool parties are perfect for an end of summer entertainment. Your guests will enjoy chilling in the pool all day. Kids love to play with water and get wet so turn the sprinklers on and have the hoses running for more fun. If this will be an option for your end of summer bash, ask your guests to carry their towels and swimsuits to keep things simple for everyone.


An end of summer bash can offer an outstanding selection of live music and dance. However, an end of summer bash is not complete without fireworks and no matter how small or large the gathering is, you need fireworks for your party. If the end of summer party will be going till late in the night, fireworks need to be an idea for the party. The breathtaking patterns created by fireworks explosions in the sky will create a perfect scenery for photo shot sessions and merry making.

During an end of summer bash, everyone is gearing for a great time of transition so take a chance to enjoy the last summer party to celebrate your accomplishments for the summer.

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