The Pros and Cons of Having Fireworks at Your 4th of July Party

The pros and cons of having fireworks at your 4th of July party


A charred, burning smell is in the atmosphere from the numerous starry rockets that people have released into the dark sky over the past few weeks. With the 4th of July party approaching, everyone is sure to have heard the classic booms and pops of distant firework explosions. DO not be surprised to count more than a hundred bangs in a single night. So the question is, what’s all the hype about fireworks? What is so fancy about them?

Fireworks are some special kinds of explosive devices which contain combustible chemicals like gunpowder. When the combustible chemicals are heated, they tend to create a spectacular effect through the explosions. However, lurking behind the pretty patterns are some hazardous side effects. Although many people love them, the truth is that the cons of fireworks outweigh the pros.

One advantage of fireworks is that they can be a source of stunning entertainment to viewers. The scenic view created by the glamorous patterns formed by exploding fireworks is just breathtaking. Especially for the teens, this can be a magnificent way to lure them to your party and give them optimal fun. Depending on the chemicals used, different fireworks can have different spectacular effects that can be attractive for viewers.

Despite the much hype for fireworks, very few people are aware of the hazards that fireworks pose to the environment and one’s overall well-being. In fact, the truth is that fireworks have more disadvantages than advantages. One disadvantage of fireworks is that they are way too expensive. For many people, this might not make sense, but it is the sad truth. The aspect of being expensive comes in the essence that fireworks are only used for a few minutes, and their stunning view is gone.

Another con of fireworks is their negative effects on the environment. Lurking behind the breathtaking patterns are some enormous and hazardous effects. The particles released during the fireworks displays can remain in the atmosphere, enter water or soil and can result in problems such as acid rain. Still on environmental pollution, fireworks are known to explode in very loud booms. Although they are nice to look at, fireworks are just too noisy and distracting. The amount of noise pollution caused by fireworks can have adverse effects on your hearing because of the high amount of sound produced. In a worst case scenario, they can result in hearing loss particularly for kids.

Fireworks are also known to be the main contributor of accidents during parties and celebrations. For people who have not handled fireworks before, horrific burns can be inflicted on their fingers and faces. In the past, cases of death because of fireworks have been reported. It is for this reason that people are cautioned to be extra careful while handling sparklers since they can result in many burns and injuries.

Although it is probably the best way to commemorate a 4th July party, people should be extremely cautious not to turn a party into a period of mourning and nursing injuries.

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