Safety Tips for Putting on a Family Fireworks Show

Fireworks are a quintessential part of many holiday celebrations, especially 4th of July. Some people choose to attend the professional firework shows offered by the government or the military where they live. Others, however, choose to have their own private show, just for their friends and family. Doing fireworks privately is a great option because you get to avoid large crowds and can choose the length of the display yourself, as well as the type of fireworks you use. Of course, you should always make sure it is legal to perform private firework displays in your area before spending the money. Once you know it is allowed, you also wanted to be sure you do things in a safe way. Now here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure everyone is safe during your display.

1. Have Water and a Fire Extinguisher On Standby

Fireworks need fire; that much is common knowledge. But, in all the excitement, people forget that accidents can happen. These accidents can come in any form, but the point is that fires are always a possibility when it comes to fireworks. When doing your show, be sure that your watering hose or some other source of water and a fire extinguisher are always in reach. It may also be a good idea to have someone on standby, and ready to call 911 if something serious occurs.

2. Keep Everyone Not Helping Away

You may have someone helping you with setting up the fireworks and also setting them off. That is fine, but you want to be sure that anyone else is a safe distance away from the general area the fireworks are set up in. Part of this is because you never know what may go wrong with fireworks, and if they may not go off the right way. Another part of this is that small children may be too curious and try to touch them, if not closely watched. Have a designated viewing area for everyone to go to once you are going to start, and be sure to give everyone an advanced warning to get to that area.

3. Face the Fireworks Up

This is another one that may be common sense, but accidents still happen. You always want to double and triple check the position of your fireworks before actually setting them off. If a firework has changed angles and you do not realize it, you, everyone around you, and the surrounding property can be in danger. A misfired firework is no joke, so always pay careful attention to this.

Fireworks are a ton of fun for people of all ages. Whether you have them for the 4th of July celebrations or just because, be sure you are practicing proper safety. Keep these tips in mind, from beginning to end. When it comes to buying your fireworks, Uncle Sam’s Fireworks in Indiana has a great selection at great prices. Check out their online store today, and see how much you can save!

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