What Are the Ideal Weather Conditions for Fireworks

No 4th of July is complete without at least a couple of fireworks going off. But, some years the Independence Day celebrations end without any fireworks being lit. You may be wondering why that it is, and the answer is a simple one. It is because fireworks require specific weather conditions in order to be set off. The wrong type of weather can make lighting fireworks very difficult, and even dangerous. So, before going crazy with your fireworks, be sure the weather is appropriate and fits in with firework standards. Here are the various factors to take into consideration.

Wind is Important

Wind can make doing even the simplest thing a little difficult. So, imagine what would happen if you tried lighting fireworks when winds are over 20mph. Your fireworks are not very likely to follow the path you set for them. This can be incredibly dangerous because getting pushed off their original path can have them pointing in any number of directions. It will put you and everyone else at a serious risk of getting injured. It can also put your property and the surrounding area at risk. Winds need to be at a happy medium, somewhere below the 20 mark. You want to not only check that, but the direction as well so that you can be sure to position them appropriately to keep wind from causing potential harm.

Humidity May Surprise You

The more humid it is outside, the harder it may be to see the show in full effect. This is because all the saturation in the air will lessen the brightness of the actual fireworks. So, if the night is too humid, you may want to consider not having the show until the next night, or when the humidity clears up. This will help make sure you and your family get the most out of your fireworks. The less humidity, then the more vivid the display will be; and everyone loves vividly colored fireworks.

Rain Can be a Downer

Of course, rain can be a downer for any party. But, it can make things especially difficult when it is raining. With how hot fireworks can get, it is actually hard for rain to stop or extinguish them. So, rain is not so much a problem for the actual fireworks as it is for all the attendees. Most people would not want to spend any amount of time in the rain trying to watch fireworks.

Dry, Wooded Areas Cause Problems

Here is something that may apply to some areas more than others. If you live in a state or area that is prone to forest fires, you have to be aware of the current conditions of the woods. Wood that is dry will be more prone to fire, meaning if a firework or the sparks hit the trees, then it can cause a fire. If the conditions are not ideal, you may want to try and move your display away from any trees. It is also important to have something nearby to help extinguish any potential fires.

Next time you are going to be putting on your own firework display, make sure the conditions are perfect for them. Keep these things in mind, and talk to your firework vendor to see what other tips and information they may have. Uncle Sam’s Fireworks can not only provide you with a great selection of competitively priced fireworks but useful information on the best conditions for setting them off.

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