Tips for Keeping Your Dogs from Barking During the Fireworks Show

Summer brings warm sunshine, busy festivals, family picnics – and fireworks. Whether you see a professional display on the 4th of July, or you purchase some from the Indiana and Chicago Firework Super Store, keeping your dog calm throughout the fireworks can be difficult. Dogs can get very stressed from the loud noise, and they can act out by barking all night long. Here are some tips on how to keep your dog from barking during the show:

Fireworks at home

  • Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise during the day: take him for a walk or run, play catch or other activity your dog enjoys. This will tire him out, and he’ll be apter to sleep during the display.
  • Keep your dog inside; if possible, have someone stay inside with him.
  • Provide a safe place for your dog to retreat. Know what you’re dog’s safe place is (a crate, the bathtub a corner behind the couch) and make sure it’s easily accessible on the night of the fireworks.
  • Keep the curtains and windows closed, if possible. Removing visual stimulation helps calm your dog during the display.
  • Leave toys out for your dog to play with, as well as plenty of food and water.

Fireworks away from home

  • Leave your dog at home if at all possible. It’s a safe bet to assume you’ll appreciate the display much more than Fido will.
  • If you must bring your pooch, make sure he has ID tags with a collar. This way if your dog runs away (which is quite common when they’re frightened) they can be returned to you ASAP.
  • During the display, make sure your dog stays close to you and give him plenty of affection. He needs to know you’re there.

Your fireworks Chicago IL store will have a wide variety of fireworks for you to set off and enjoy. Uncle Sam Fireworks, for example, offers plenty of selection at prices that won’t break your budget. If you have a canine to consider, there are also other products you can purchase to help your dog stay calm during the display. These are called ‘sensory enrichment’ products.

  • Sound therapy: This specially designed music is believed to reduce anxiety and is widely utilized by dog lovers around the world. Start playing the music well before the fireworks start, when your dog is already feeling calm and peaceful. He will associate the music with being relaxed and calm. Then play the music again a couple of hours before the fireworks start, and continue to play it throughout the evening.
  • Desensitization: These CDs play a variety of sounds, including fireworks, city sounds, thunderstorms and calming. If your dog hears these on a regular basis, he will get desensitized to the sounds, which will keep him from barking on the night of actual fireworks.
  • Scent: Natural calming sprays can be used to keep your dog calm and content. Spray onto your hands and massage behind their ears or mist behind your dog’s head.

If you follow the above tips, both you and your dog can enjoy a night of Indiana fireworks.

US Fireworks offers a wide selection of fireworks for everyone to enjoy. Visit our website for more information about our range of products.

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