How Young is Too Young to Set Off Fireworks

Whether it’s the 4th of July, a special birthday or a wedding celebration, fireworks can enhance your evening and make a great night even more magical. With family and friend gatherings, children are usually present (what’s a celebration without young ones?) While many older children love seeing the myriad of colors in the sky, some younger ones can get quite frightened by the sound, especially infants.

But what about actually lighting the fireworks? Is this appropriate for youngsters? And if so, how young is too young? The answer is – it depends on. If you purchase fireworks from an Indiana and Chicago firework superstore, such as Uncle Sam Fireworks, you’ll find a variety of available selections that range from simple (like hand sparklers) to bright, bold and loud.
No one recommends that you should give your 2nd grader a lighter and a few bottle rockets and tell her to have some fun in the backyard! But with safety precautions and proper supervision, kids can participate in fireworks events in age-appropriate ways.


Most experts agree that toddlers should be supervised during a fireworks display (and at all other times too!). It is not appropriate to give a toddler a lighter, or even a hand sparkler because they are dangerous. Toddlers don’t yet have the dexterity to handle a sparkler safely, and they don’t understand the danger. If a responsible adult is holding a toddler on his/her lap and holds the sparkler, then that could be a better option. Keep it well away from a toddler’s face, and be careful that they don’t grab for it, as they could burn their hands.

School age

Elementary school-aged children are starting to understand the degree of danger that comes with lighting fireworks. Lighting can be done with adult supervision, never on their own. Choose fireworks that don’t fly or explode for maximum safety. It’s a parent’s responsibility to teach their kids the potential danger of fireworks and how to light them safely.

Pre-teens and teenagers

Once kids reach high school age, fireworks should still be done under adult supervision, but should be taught about safety measures, so if something does go wrong, they will know what to do. For example, always have a garden hose or bucket of water handy, and don’t light them in a dry area. And of course, never throw them into a bonfire.

Adult Supervision

If children are taught from a young age that fireworks are to be handled with caution and care. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone, and you can be the judge of whether or not your child can handle the responsibility of lighting fireworks. Remember, though; that adult supervision is always strongly recommended.

Indiana fireworks displays can be a great excuse for families and friends to gather together. Young children and teens can enjoy

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