Understanding Why Dogs and Cats Are so Scared of Fireworks

Going to and Indiana and Chicago Firework Superstore is always a fun thing to do every year. However, if you have pets, then there are a few things you should know about pets and fireworks. House pets are known to act very badly when fireworks are shot off, and this could ruin the experience for you. You want to enjoy shooting some fireworks in the backyard, but you don’t want to scare your dog or cat. As for why dogs and cats act this way, here are a few explanations.

Animals Act on Instinct

Obviously you can’t tell your pet that there is no harm involved when it comes to fireworks. When they hear the loud noises that come from fireworks, their instincts start to kick in and they will want to get away from you and your fireworks. This is just how some pets are, and this is understandable. This instinct has helped dogs and cats survive for hundreds of thousands of years. So while you may be upset that your companion does not find fireworks as fun as you do, it’s important to know that this is simply who they are.

Dogs and Cats Have More Sensitive Hearing

The main problem animals have with fireworks are the loud noises. Since their hearing is so sensitive, their heightened instincts will kick in and they will start to panic. These loud exploding noises usually imply something bad that you should get away from, so when dogs and cats hear these noises multiple times, it’s not surprising that they will become scared. If you heard firework sounds when you wouldn’t expect to hear them, you might get a bit worried. So when an animal with better hearing ability has no idea what is going on, then it’s reasonable to think that they will get scared.

Many Fireworks Are Projectiles

Not only are fireworks loud, many of them shoot up very quickly, such as bottle rockets and roman candles. When anything fires up that quickly, then it might be a cause for alarm, especially when your pet does not know what is going on. If something should go wrong and a firework shoots close to your dog or cat, then they will get really freaked out, because anyone would get freaked out in a situation like that.

So these are some things to remember about pets and fireworks. Fireworks may be lots of fun to shoot off, but when your pets start running away from you, then this should explain why. They act on instinct, and if anyone heard those loud noises without context, then many people would get scared as well. So when you are buying fireworks from and Indiana and Chicago Fireworks Superstore, ask the people who work there on how to handle your pets when you are shooting of your fireworks. Many people buy fireworks and many people have pets, so they should have some great advice on how to handle these types of situation. So when you buy some fireworks from US Fireworks, please keep this in mind and have fun.

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