Three Things You Didn’t Know about the Legal Use of Fireworks

Everyone loves the pop and flares that lights up the sky whenever fireworks are involved; however, you may not know all there is to know about these spectacular celebratory devices. Just like any potentially dangerous item, fireworks come with carefully crafted guideline and laws made to guarantee the safety of you and your neighboring surroundings. As much as you love to see fireworks light up the sky, these things have to be done within the regulations and protocols set up by the law. Fortunately, this does not take away from the fun or beauty of fireworks, instead it makes a fun experience even greater; here are three things you did not know about the legal use of fireworks.

Legal Age to Purchase Varies

The legal age to purchase fireworks does not have a set standard age; much like drinking, the state placed specific regulations for their residents. Before you send your 13 year old child to the store to buy enough fireworks to light up your holiday, you may want to check out the legal age for your state. The ages can vary from 12 to 18 for children, some even require parental supervision. Gratefully these legalities are set in place to protect the safety of the states and all the rules should be followed with precision to limit the amount of firework related incidents, underage or not.

The FHSA Prohibitions

Under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA), fireworks are classified as hazardous; this definition is sadly warranted as fireworks, though fun-filled, are also dangerous devices and have the ability to cause serious injury. Because fireworks can cause such serious, life changing injury, certain laws and regulations have been put into place to ensure safety for all, such as the restriction of illegal firecracker-type devices that include M-80s and quarter sticks. Restrictions on professional display fireworks have also been generated to limit the possible amount of death and destruction. Be sure to learn these prohibitions if you plan to handle large fireworks.

Fireworks Are Regulated by both States and Local Jurisdiction

Fireworks can be used in a relatively safe manor if one chooses to follow and comply with the laws and regulations generated by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). However, the use of fireworks is regulated both by the state and by the local jurisdiction, aka. Your police force and//or fire department. Because your behavior falls under their jurisdiction, it up to these enforcers to make sure that you follow the rules for that specific location. If you are a resident who knows the laws of your state but not the firework regulation of the local jurisdiction then you may want to take the time to do a little research about what is legal and what will put you behind bars.

Before deciding to pop out the fireworks, make sure that you know all there is to know about the legal protocols and restrictions for their use. To prevent incidents, talk to your local fire department to ensure that the products you have purchased are acceptable for use. If you are still unsure and feel that you may be holding a potentially dangerous object then hold off on its use; Uncle Sam’s’ Fireworks can provide you with fireworks that are both fun and safe.

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