Making a Birthday Party a Blast with Bottle Rockets

Have you ever thought of having fireworks at your birthday party to make it more interesting? If you have not but you have always wanted to make your birthday parties more interesting, then you might want to think about adding fireworks into your birthday party mix. Bottle rockets are especially fun to use because everyone can light their own. However, make sure to exercise firework safety while you are using fireworks at your party.

The Fun of Using Bottle Rockets

Using bottle rockets is really fun because everyone gets their own bottle rocket to light. You get to guess the trajectory of your bottle rocket and guess where it is going to land. Also, if it’s dark outside, then your bottle rockets will light up the sky.

How to Be Safe Using Bottle Rockets

In order to be as safe as possible while lighting fireworks, you will want to follow all of the instructions on the package. On top of this, make sure to light the firework and get out of the way as soon as possible. No one should be near the firework while it is going off. Somebody could lose an eye or another body part or get seriously burned by the firework if it comes near them.

Make sure that the bottle rocket is facing away from you, your friends and your family so that it doesn’t fire toward you. If the bottle rocket winds up backfiring and starts flying toward you, get out of the way as soon as possible. If you get hit with the bottle rocket, make sure to go to the emergency room to get any injuries treated as soon as possible.

Using Other Fireworks

 If you plan to use other fireworks at your birthday party, then the safety rules will be a little different because those fireworks shoot upwards. If the firework happens to fall over after it is already lit, then move before the fuse goes off. Get little children out of the way first.

Having Fun

Despite all of these fire safety rules, fireworks are a ton of fun to have at parties. Everyone can enjoy them and for those that do not like loud noises, then fountain fireworks work just as well. Most fountain fireworks aren’t really noisy at all, so stock up on them for your friends that don’t like loud noises.

Bottle rockets can supply your party with more fun than you could ever imagine. You can set them off in daylight or you can wait until nighttime. Have a fun outdoor fireworks themed party if your birthday is in the spring or summer. You could even mix it in with a pool party. Start the barbecue while everyone is chilling out in the pool so that they can eat after they come out of the pool. Then, when it gets dark, they can watch a fireworks show. No matter what you choose to do for your birthday, fireworks can enhance the party experience by a lot.

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