Tips for Using Fireworks Safely

Fireworks are fun to use, but they can be highly dangerous weapons if not used correctly. In order to use fireworks safely, you have to practice proper fire safety maneuvers. Follow this guide to using fireworks safely so that you don’t accidentally burn your fingers off.

Put the Fireworks in an Open Area

If you put the fireworks in an open field or area of some sort, they are less likely to burn something. If an accident happens and the flames go everywhere and you’re in a closed space, then chances are that mostly everything will catch fire if not carefully covered. It’s super important to keep the fireworks as far away from possible and in an open area.

Keep Them Level with the Ground

If you have a firework that isn’t level with the ground, then put a board of some sort underneath it. Grassy fields can be really bumpy and it’s important to keep your fireworks up straight so that they don’t go everywhere. If your firework falls and winds up aiming itself in your direction, then you could get a lot more than just a tiny burn.

Get As Far Away As Possible

You don’t want to be near a firework when it goes off. If you are using something like a sparkler or a morning glory and you have to have it somewhat close to you, at least make sure that the flame is aimed away from you and that you are holding the firework out as far as possible. If you sit or stand near an unpredictable firework, it will be incredibly easy for you to get hurt. Just stay away until the firework is done going off completely.

Learn How to Handle Duds

Occasionally, there will be a dud in the fireworks pack. These can be highly dangerous because you don’t know whether or not a firework is ever really a dud. If you light a fountain firework and the tip burns but nothing happens, you’ll assume it’s a dud. However, if you go up to it, it may just start up and burn your hand right off. Wait at least a minute after lighting a firework before determining that it is a dud. This is the safest way to go about handling false alarm fireworks.

Practicing firework safety is very important. No one wants to die in a firework accident and no one wants to get burnt by a firework, that’s for sure. Read the labels on the back of every firework to make sure that you’re using it right and that you aren’t violating any laws by using the firework in a specific place or state. Many states ban fireworks, but some are opening up their rules to accommodate festive families on the Fourth of July.

Whatever the case may be, look up the law of the land when it comes to fireworks, handle duds slowly and carefully and make sure you have the fireworks level in an open field. This is the easiest way to practice fireworks safety, especially with a large group of people.

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